Top 4 Benefits of Comfortable Bra for Your Health

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We all know the feeling: you come home from a long day working, and one of the first things you do after walking through the door is whip off your bra and relaxWomen like us often see bras as a necessary evil; supporting us but simultaneously making us super uncomfortable.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! These days, there are plenty of awesome bras that are comfy and supportive, while still being attractive for women like us.



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The benefits of wearing comfortable bras are enormous — and not just that you ache less at the end of the day, wearing a comfy bra is really good for your health too.

Want to find out more? Read on for the many health reasons you should swap your bra for a newer, comfier one.



1. Comfortable bras reduce discomfort and breast pain

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My dear, we’ll start with the obvious; wearing a bra that is comfortable and fits you properly will reduce breast pain and discomfort.

Your breasts move around with you during the day, whatever you’re doing; Here’s the fun fact: They move around even more than you! Recent research has shown that as you jog or run, your breasts don’t just move up & down — they move around in a figure of eight. Consequently, this puts a big strain on our breast tissue and can make us feel achy throughout the day. It can even be painful.

Wearing a bra that is uncomfortable or ill-fitting only makes this situation worse because it’s not holding your breasts in the right places, and isn’t providing enough support. Underwire can also push into the breast tissue and cause further discomfort.

The right bra will support and protect your boobs, making you feel more comfortable. This is particularly important if you are doing any high-impact exercises like running.

2. Comfortable bras are good for your back

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In fact, a supportive bra that is specifically designed with your comfort in mind won’t just help your breasts out — it’s good for your back too. This is because the right bra supports and holds up your breasts, keeping your spine straighter and improving your posture.

Specifically, wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you properly can put a strain on your back, shoulder, and neck — resulting in muscle tension, aches, and pains. In addition, this is super important for larger-breasted ladies to remember in particular; sometimes the weight of your breasts can cause your back some serious damage.

If a bra feels comfortable and fits properly, it will benefit your back as well as your breasts.

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3. Comfortable bras can even prevent sagging

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In the long run, comfortable bras will even prevent them from sagging. This is especially necessary if you do a lot of exercises — the increasing movement of your breasts can cause breast sagging.

To be more specific, sagging happens when the skin and ligaments in your breasts stretch — affecting the elasticity of your skin and causing your breasts to lose shape over time. This can make your breasts feel deflated, loose, and droopy.

If you choose a comfortable sports bra for exercising, you are restricting the movement of your breast through compression or encapsulation (or in the case of some sports bra, both). By controlling this movement, you are reducing the risks of sagging.

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4. It helps your skin breathe

Sometimes our bras can make us feel sweaty and uncomfortable when doing activities (for example: shopping or walking up a hill) or it’s merely a warm sunny day — bras can leave us hot and bothered.

The issue of many bras is that they trap heat in, and feel tight — causing your boobs to feel uncomfortable and overheat. This problem is made worse by the fabrics used because many bras are made from cotton and similar materials, which hold moisture and take longer to dry.  

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Buying a well-made bra will help to tackle discomfort and overheating. The comfortable bras at Ovaon are made from moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric, which dries quickly. Those are breathable and lightweight too, leaving you feeling fresh all day long.

Choosing bras is like a top-concerned thing for women on a daily basis. It’s not exaggerated when we say that wearing a comfortable bra can be life-changing. A good bra will tackle aches and pain, helps your skin to breathe, and can even prevent long-term sagging.

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